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EduCoRe builds on the experience gathered in the Grundtvig project eHospital ( This project investigated the potential of hospitals as places of informal learning and of information and communication technologies for patient education. Seven pilot e-learning courses for diverse target groups were developed and tested in six countries.

During these courses a target group with specific educational needs was detected:

Patients who suffer from physical deficiencies after an accident or illness that threaten their employability and participation in society. As soon as they have left the hospital these patients spend several weeks or months in medical rehabilitation centres to receive long-term treatment which aims at removing or at least minimising their physical impairments and thus allowing them to re-enter the labour market and normal life.

Profound rehabilitation includes not only a medical but also a social and a vocational aspect. In many cases, rehab patients need to undergo considerable re-orientation with regard to their career or (further) education. Many rehab patients have to undergo a fundamental reorientation and, consequently re-education before they can return to the labour market. Particularly older patients, who make up a large proportion of rehabilitation patients, take the time-off from their ordinary lives as an opportunity to think about new learning activities which would be beneficial for their personal development.

In the course of the EduCoRe project a tailor-made educational and career counselling process for rehab patients will be developed and tested. It will be supported by e-learning and e-counselling elements.

The experiences that will be gained in the six partner countries during the EduCoRe project will be summarized in a Good Practice Brochure for educators who wish to work in this field. 

Target groups

The project has five direct target groups:

  • Trainers, programme developers and managers of adult education institutions
  • Staff in career and educational counselling agencies
  • Rehabilitation centres and the bodies which finance and maintain them
  • Authorities, social security and insurance organisations, and other actors in the health sector
  • Researchers on education, counselling  and e-learning