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Education and training

Some patients have the possibility to return to their former company and job after their medical rehabilitation. This can imply difficulties for the affected person: for example new technologies and procedures may have been established during their absence. So it might turn out in the course of the career planning process that an upgrade of certain skills is necessary.– whether for returning to the former employment or for starting  a new career that reflects the changed health conditions.

During their stay in the rehabilitation centre patients are encouraged to identify education and training courses out of the huge existing offer with the help of experienced trainers. For identifying the right course questions like the following have to be taken into account:

  • What are my vocational aims?
  • Which competences do I need to achieve this aim?
  • What kind of education and training do exist?
  • Which institutions offer such courses?
  • Which financing options exist?
  • Etc.

It is never too late to learn – this motto is particularly true in this life situation.